2oz PET Plastic Bottle Cosmetic Container Round Shape 60ml Transparent Bottle

We have been a manufacturer of PET plastic bottles for over 10 years. We use our experience over the years to offer a wide range of standard PET bottles. The successful PET bottle line contains Boston Round, disc round, square, Oval and several trigger bottles, available in different sizes and many standard neck finishes.

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Neck detailing: Because the neck surface is injection-molded, the precision of neck detailing is usually much higher than other production processes such as extrusion blow molding (EBM) or normal blow molding (BM).PET plastic bottles usually use 18-410, 20-410, 24-410 or 28-410 industry standard neck processing, or use 18-415, 20-415, 24-415 and 28-415 higher neck processing. By using these standard neck finishes, a wide variety of bottle caps such as plastic and aluminum threaded caps, flip caps, disc caps and nozzle caps are available, as well as a range of sprayers and pumps.The weight of the package is determined during the injection molding of the prefab, so it cannot be changed easily. Manufacturers usually select the appropriate bottle weight and identify the specific characteristics needed in terms of top load, drop impact, and ease of filling, capping, and labeling of the product.The label area is usually defined by height and width based on the circumference of the bottle.

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